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Facebook Messenger Video Call Free – Hello everyone! See with me another keyphrase here. This very moment I want to give you all some insights about Facebook Messenger video call. Almost every messenger user actually do know about messenger video call but few really do know what it is all about, what it is meant for and how well to use it.

Facebook Messenger video call is a very outstanding and wonderful messenger feature amidst other messenger features. Messenger actually does have a whole lot of features. These features include messaging, voice call, video and picture sharing, chat head and so on. Each of these features serves their respective purposes. Now the Facebook messenger video call is a form of face to face communication between friends using the video call feature on messenger. Video calling gives you the privilege to command the presence of anybody you wish to talk with just with your smart device.

This is a very wonderful communication approach FB has put in place for all its users using the messenger app too. Let’s say you haven’t really tried using this feature before now because you don’t know how well to go about its usage. Now I am giving you the assurance that you will find yourself doing so very easily. Now to use the video call feature on Facebook messenger you have to download and install for yourself the messenger app on your device. See how you do that below:

  • Go to your device’s official store. For android users visit play store, iOS device users visit apple store and the rest of other devices, visit your device’s official store.
  • Now search for Messenger
  • Click and download app when it pops up.
  • Finally, install app to start up its use.

How To Make Video Call Free On Facebook Messenger App

Kindly see with me the easy-made steps you can follow to start up a video call with a friend using the FB messenger app.

  • Login in your FB account on the messenger app
  • Start a conversation with a friend
  • Click on the video call icon there on the conversation page with your friend
  • Click on use data then.

Understanding this simple step will enable you to make a video call with any friend at all via messenger app. After following the procedure above, you furthermore wait for the person whom you called to receive the call. When you get done talking via video call, just click the red icon on the video call page with which you can end call.

The video call feature on messenger app is a feature you can use free of charge. This happens once you get yourself the messenger app, login your FB account and with a good internet connection. Consider using another mode of communication today via the messenger app, you really don’t have to chat every time. Making video calls is another very good option, do well to try it and you will really enjoy the fact you did.

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