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Facebook messenger app download is absolutely free, so after this eye-opening content I’m going to take time to give you facts on, there should be need for you to download this app. What I really do want from you is for you to read this content critically and make sure you get to understand what I have put down here for you.

What’s Facebook Messenger App

Facebook messenger is what we commonly call the messenger. This is a world messaging app and there isn’t any doubt about this. Facebook is a worldwide social media and it works jointly with this messaging app called messenger and as such we can also call it a worldwide app.
Far back in 2008, this platform was called Facebook Chat. Messenger, after being coined out from the main FB app over the years has maintained an increase in the number of users, and people actually do launch the app on their devices and start making use of it because of the fact that it is really very easy to use and messages are sent easily with it.

What’s The Reason For Facebook Messenger?

Facebook has all its features though intact but still looks further to make the platform very enjoyable and stress-free for its users. We really do know that Facebook hasn’t been at a point since it started making waves in the world but rather it keeps making updates and putting up more features. In that same sense, Facebook messenger app was developed to make connectivity and messaging between Facebook friends easy. In essence, this app is there to bring out the messaging functionality of Facebook to stand on its own.

How Far Can We Use Messenger App?

Facebook messenger app download is free of charge, yeah that’s it. That though doesn’t mean that it’s messaging functionality is now limited for all users. This platform can go as far as allowing you to send messages, share photos, send and receive videos, send gifs, stickers, files, and emoticons. More also when you receive messages from friends, you can react to the messages.


Features Of Facebook Messenger

See the features that are available on Facebook messenger, there are lots of them but I just want to give you the basic and most important ones.

  • Calls: Facebook messenger enables its users to make both video and voice calls depending on which one the user wants. You can’t actually use the two options at the same time, it’s either you are making a video call or a voice call. These features are available for FB users who makes use of the messenger app.
  • Messaging: the most basic feature in this app which I won’t fail to point out is messaging. This app is mainly a messaging app and you can always message any Facebook friend using the messenger app.
  • Multiple accounts: Let’s say you have more than one Facebook account, there is an opportunity for you to log in the multiple accounts on the messenger app. You really don’t use the accounts at the same time, you only have to switch accounts at every point in time you wish to use any.
  • Reactions and mentions: this feature allows every user to long-press a message and add a reaction to the message.

There are some other features which include:

  • Location sharing
  • Instant Games
  • Bot platform
  • Business interaction
  • Chat Heads etc.

How To Download Messenger App For Android Devices

To download messenger for Android devices, the steps to follow aren’t difficult at all. I recommend you though to go over to play store because the app seems so easy to get there. Now see the steps proper:

  • Go to play store
  • Search for Facebook Messenger with the search bar therein
  • Follow the Download procedure then and download the app. The procedure is really simple and very easy to understand trust me on that.

Thanks to Facebook for bringing out a messaging app as superb as facebook messenger and making its download free for all. Go ahead, download messenger app, install the app also to start using the app fully and enjoy all its features.


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