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Now to make a very wonderful welcoming environment for all Facebook users. Facebook goes ahead to keep memories of everyone that actively participate on the platform. Do you know how well this goes? It aids you to keep track of what happened in the past for which you made some kind of video, status or photo upload.

What’s Facebook Memories?

These memories are times that FB brings up for you again after a while. Most times you may even forget the fact that you made some kind of posts on FB but you get to recall when FB takes you back to the past. This is really awesome as some memories can be very funny, amazing, worth remembering and sometimes saddening too.

Facebook has a special way of keeping records for all its users. This is just too great as you rarely find online platforms that does that unless someone keeps track of it. Now you know how humans work, you being an inclusion. Humans are just bound to forget some moments. Do not worry then as FB now guarantees you of good record-keeping and amazing throwbacks.

Most times you may get some good moments too with friends and well-wishers and you decide to make some uploads of pictures taken on FB, now FB just automatically refreshes your memory by bringing the moments and reminding you of past events after a year or more. Most times too friends on FB makes upload and tag you, you get some memory tracks too once in a while.


What Happens To FB Memories

Facebook memories can show as just images or video. Nothing happens until you decide to share again on the FB platform so as to enable people to see the memory. You have to understand the fact too that it isn’t mandatory for you to share the posts. It’s a thing of choice.

See Memories To Share On Facebook – Facebook Memories Of Mine

There are lots of memories that may either be of yours or friends that you can conveniently share on FB. See the kind of memories FB makes you have a flashback of below:

  • Big and one time events like wedding, marriage, and convocations
  • Parties
  • Special anniversaries and outings.

How To Share Facebook Memories

  • To share memories on FB, you will first be asked where to share on FB. Then if you want to do that.
  • Locate the share option
  • Decide if you want to share with the full public or friends
  • Choose also to make some few write up about your post.
  • Finally, click on post.

There isn’t an online platform that does this for you except FB presently now. This is enough reason you have to join the Facebook social networking platform. Now visit to sign up an account.

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