Facebook Lite Dark Mode – How To Activate Dark Mode On Facebook Lite App

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Facebook Lite Dark Mode – Facebook Lite is a lighter version of the main Facebook app as the name implies. This app is a version of Facebook that consumes less data and more also occupies less storage space in devices. Facebook Lite has similar functions and features of the main Facebook app. What Makes this app differs from the main Facebook app is that its features are not advanced like the main Facebook app features.

Dark mode is known as Night Mode also by some people. At any point you hear any of these words, note that both of them mean the same thing. Talking about Dark mode on Facebook Lite, surprisingly it was introduced first on the Facebook Lite app before it was brought to the main Facebook app. It makes the Facebook Lite app have a beautiful and attractive background interface as it gives it a black or dark look. This dark mode also helps in reducing the amount of light that enters the eyes of Facebook users while using the platform which can cause damage to the eye. It more also saves or reduces battery consumption on devices.

How To Activate Dark Mode On Facebook Lite

To get or activate dark mode on Facebook Lite app, you have to download the latest version of Facebook Lite or just update the app on your device. Haven done that, read the further steps on how to get the dark mode on FB Lite:

  • Once you have the latest version of the Facebook Lite app on your device, launch the app
  • Click on the settings icon at the top right corner of your screen
  • You will see the dark mode option from the settings menu, click on it then to activate Facebook Lite Dark Mode then.

As long as the steps above are followed correctly, you will find it easy to enable dark mode on Facebook Lite.

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