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Facebook Free Marketplace – As a Facebook user, you are privileged to enjoy a whole lot of things on the platform. One thing though is having a Facebook account and the other important thing is having knowledge of the benefits one can get from being a user. Facebook marketplace is one of the numerous offers and benefits one gets on FB. Do you know what Facebook free marketplace is then? Keep reading through as you are sure to gather up good points and facts about it.

Facebook marketplace is like a free online store where you can list things which you wish to sell as a seller and more also buy things if you turn out to be a buyer. Facebook is a very wide and broad networking platform with lots of users. On Facebook marketplace, as an individual, you can buy and make sales of a whole lot of things like shoes, clothes, furnitures and so on.

See How To Sell On Facebook Marketplace

  • Log in to your Facebook account. That is the first step.
  • Click on the marketplace icon
  • Hit on the option which says ”+Sell something”
  • Click on the ”items for sale” Furthermore enter the details for your product listing and add some pictures so as to give the buyers good informations about the product.
  • Then click on ”Post” to add the listing then to Facebook marketplace.

See How To Buy On Facebook Marketplace

  • Log in to your Facebook account
  • What follows is to access the Facebook marketplace. You do this by clicking on the marketplace icon at the top left corner
  • Go further to select the things you want to buy
  • Click the ”Message” button then or ”Ask for Details” in order to contact or even get more informations concerning the product.

If you want to see all the items you wish to buy along with your conversation with the seller of the product earlier, just click on ”Buying” at the top left corner of marketplace then.

As shown above, following these easy made steps will aid you to either buy products or sell products on Facebook marketplace. The Facebook marketplace is absolutely free to use, all you have to do to have access to it is to get a Facebook account for yourself.

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