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Hello everyone! Let’s see what Facebook dark mode means. This is a special mode that gives you an amazing and refreshing change from the setting of the Facebook social networking media platform. Not just Facebook actually has dark mode feature, very many other platforms too are having this special mode for its platform. But for the FB dark mode, it makes FB platform very enticing and more beautiful too.

Facebook is a very wonderful social networking platform. It puts up several mind-blowing innovations from time to time and also enhancing the features and services it offers to all its users to make its users get their full satisfaction while using the platform. FB is no doubt an amazing and very intelligent social networking platform.

Facebook as a worldwide social platform having numerous users, and more also facilitates and enhances very may things. See some of the things below:

  • Promotion of brands, products, and services (Advertising)
  • Communication and connectivity
  • Marketing ( Buying and making sales via FB marketplace ) and so on.

FB Dark Mode

One of the trending newly brought feature and innovations on the FB platform is the dark mode. The dark mode to a very large extent does so may amazing things for everyone that decides to give it a try. This mode saves the battery life of your device. This is done by reducing the light effect on your device’s screen. It beautifies FB too for you and thereby making it lovable for you as an FB user as mentioned earlier. You have to note that dark mode, is turned on using Facebook messenger.

Steps To Enable Facebook Dark Mode

A lot of persons have been felling it will be really hard to turn on this mode using their Facebook messenger app. That even happens to be the reason many persons haven’t started making use of the mode. The truth is the steps you have to take to turn on this mode is not just difficult at all. Like I mentioned earlier, you must be using Facebook messenger to activate the dark mode. To get the mode, therefore, kindly see how to do that below:

  • Open your Facebook messenger app
  • Open a conversation with a friend
  • Then click on the emoji option. This opens the platform for emoji for you.
  • Carefully observe the emojis and furthermore, tap on the reset emoji
  • The next step is to click the send icon
  • This fetches you a question requesting you to ”try in settings’’. Now accept by clicking on ”try in settings’’.
  • This action finally takes you to the setting page or section where you can be able to switch on Facebook dark mode or switch off the mode also.

You see how simple and straightforward this could be. There has been a misconception about the dark mode being on the main Facebook app. You have to understand that this dark mode is not on the main Facebook app but rather just on Facebook messenger. Once you follow the steps shown correctly, you can simply turn on or even turn off dark mode on your Facebook messenger app.

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