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Facebook Avatar 2020 – Have you heard of Facebook avatar? It is a new feature recently added to Facebook. This feature is currently trending and everyone is amazed on how important it appears to be too. This feature enables Facebook uses to design their own avatar to a preferred way which they like or even to probably look like them and at any point in time, they can be used to pass a message. With this, you really don’t have to make use of texts every time.

You may still be wondering what Facebook avatar is all about and you still want to be clarified. These avatars are customizable characters and with these characters, Facebook users can make use to express themselves on how they feel about something. Facebook has always made its features and services free. This new trending feature is also free to all Facebook users who have the latest version of Facebook app either on their Android or iOS devices. Avatars on Facebook are very useful as one can use them to make Facebook comment or messenger chat. This Facebook feature isn’t available in all countries now at the moment. If you can’t find it then, you have to be patient then till it gets to you.

Facebook Avatar Maker – Facebook Avatar Creator

The section on Facebook where users can create avatars of their own that is what is known as Facebook avatar maker or Facebook avatar creator. Using this feature, as a Facebook user you can make avatars solely depending on your choice. All you need is just to have the updated Facebook mobile app on your device and there you can locate the avatar creator on Facebook with ease. As pointed out earlier, making of avatars depends on your choice, you can choose from the following: dress, skin tone, eye color, and many more.

How To Locate Facebook Avatar Creator On Your Mobile Device

  • On your smartphone, open the Facebook app
  • Then click on the menu bar at the top right of your homepage
  • Next, scroll down and you will find an icon written ”Avatars’’
  • Once you click on it, from there you can start creating your own avatars.

With this new feature, Facebook users can get more fun and enjoyable moment using the Facebook platform,


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