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A whole lot of Facebook users have been concerned about how they can delete any page they created on Facebook. This content focuses on enlightening you on how you can go about that. More also this content will also give you a brief insight into what a Facebook Page is.

Talking about Facebook Page, what is it all about. This is a public profile that is created specifically for businesses, brands, celebrities, etc. Pages on Facebook are a very great strategy for business promotion and to create greater awareness for services that you offer. Facebook ordinarily is a very large social networking platform and it has numerous users all around the world, so it is with no doubt that bringing your products down to Facebook and making it known to the public through Facebook pages creates a greater platform for your products to be seen by a whole lot of persons.

Facebook page is also a very great tool with which you can connect with your audience. There are several reasons for which people delete their pages on Facebook though. Whatever the reason may be, the steps here will guide you towards deleting your page on Facebook. Note also that to delete your Facebook page, you need to be an admin of that page in other to be able to delete that particular page. It is also very important that you understand the fact that it will take 14 days before your Facebook page becomes deleted permanently. This therefore means that you can cancel page deletion within these 14 days.

How To Delete Facebook Page

Follow the steps below as it will guide you towards deleting your Facebook page:

  • Sign in to your Facebook account
  • Then go to your page
  • Click on ‘’Edit Page’’
  • Next is to click on ‘’Settings’’
  • Then click on ‘’General’’
  • Still on the process, scroll down and click on ‘’Remove Page’’
  • Then tap ‘’Delete (Name of the Page)?
  • Lastly, click on ‘’Delete Page’’

Steps To Cancel Facebook Page Deletion

If you want to cancel your page deletion, the steps below will aid you to do that:

  • Get your Facebook account signed in and go to your page within 14 days of scheduling your page deletion
  • Click on ‘’Cancel Deletion’’. You will find this at the top of your page
  • Then Click ‘’Confirm’’
  • Lastly, click ‘’OK’’

Following the steps shown in this content will aid you to delete your Facebook page. If you wish to cancel your page deletion on Facebook, on the other hand, you can as well follow the guideline as shown here in this content too to do that easily.

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