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Create Facebook Avatar Link 2020 – Facebook avatar is a recent trending feature on Facebook now. At the moment, very many Facebook users still have some unanswered questions about this new Facebook feature. Questions like how to create Facebook avatar is now common among Facebook users. In this content, you will be enlightened more on what Facebook avatar is and more also get the guide which you can follow to successfully create your own avatar on Facebook.

Let’s start by getting to know more about Facebook avatar. Like I said earlier, it is a new feature introduced by Facebook and it is the trend right now for all Facebook users. What are avatars on Facebook then? They are cartoon lookalike character images that you can create on Facebook. One amazing thing about this feature on Facebook platform is that avatars can be created in a way that you most prefer. Facebook avatar feature like all other Facebook features is free for all Facebook users.

Most Facebook users also are wondering what avatars on Facebook can be used for. Let me bring to your knowledge the importance of avatars on Facebook now. Facebook as a social networking media is aimed at connecting friends and well-wishers together and always puts up features to get them engaged to each other. Facebook avatar therefore enhances connectivity between Facebook users. With avatars on Facebook, you can easily express yourself as a Facebook user. Let’s see some of the places where you can use created avatars on Facebook below:

  • You can use avatars created on Facebook to make your profile picture
  • It can be used in making comments on posts on Facebook
  • You can send messages across to your friends on messenger with Facebook avatar too.

Facebook Avatar and its Availability

The Facebook avatar feature, very many Facebook users in the countries which have the avatar feature available for them are already creating theirs and sharing them on Facebook. At the moment, not all countries have this feature. See the list of countries where the Facebook avatar feature is available at the moment below:

  • USA
  • New Zealand
  • Australia
  • Uk
  • Europe

Facebook Avatar Maker

The section on Facebook platform with which you can go ahead and make your own very beautiful lookalike avatar emojis on Facebook is the Facebook avatar maker section. It can also be referred to as Facebook avatar creator. Let me bring this to your notice and clear your thoughts about this. Facebook avatar creator isn’t an app on its own. A whole lot of people do think it is, but it isn’t. It is a feature on Facebook app and can be accessed right there on Facebook platform. In this section for creating your own avatar on Facebook, you have variety of options with which you can make your avatar to get a look that suits you. You can make choice of skin tone, face shape, hairstyle, eye color, outfit, and many others.

Some Facebook users also are complaining of not being able to access this Facebook feature after they’ve had the knowledge on how to create their own avatar. Now the possible reasons for this may be either the avatar feature isn’t available yet in your county or you aren’t making use of the latest version of the Facebook app on your smart device. Your Facebook app must be updated for you to be able to access this Facebook feature. Haven said that I will take you through the steps to update your Facebook app.

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How To Update Your Facebook App To The Latest Version

  • Get to your App store on your smart device
  • Search for ”Facebook App”
  • Click on ”Facebook App” when it displays
  • Click ”Update” next to the app

Haven done all of that, you can now go ahead with accessing the Facebook avatar maker on the Facebook platform and creating your Facebook avatar from there. Let’s see a helpful guide that will aid you in creating your own avatar.


How To Create Your Own Facebook Avatar

  • Open your Facebook app on your iOS device or Android device depending on the one which you make use of.
  • Find the Hamburger icon which has three horizontal stacked lines and tap on the icon
  • Scroll down carefully to where you have ”See More” and click on it then
  • What follows is to click on ”Avatars”
  • Click on ”Next” and then click on ”Get Started.
  • At this point, choose your skin tone from the list of options there and click on ”Next”
  • Then customize your avatar with the options made available for you and click on the check mark at the top right side of the screen.
  • Once you are done with creating your avatar, click ”Next” and lastly, click ”Done”

Avatars on Facebook are very amazing cartoon characters with which you can express yourself on Facebook. It brings a whole lot of fun using the Facebook platform, you can follow the steps above to start creating your own.

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