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Create Facebook Avatar – Facebook avatar happens to be a new feature that Facebook rolled out currently and this feature is a very wonderful one. This feature is free just like all other features on the Facebook platform and it brings so much fun to all Facebook users.

Facebook avatars are cartoon character images which Facebook users can make for themselves. Wih avatars, Facebook users can easily express themselves on the Facebook platform. These avatars can be created in such a way that it pleases Facebook users. Very many Facebook users though have been seeing carton lookalike images which are being uploaded on the Facebook platform and these are avatar emoji created by other Facebook users and are being shared on Facebook platform. The question on your mind now as a Facebook user is, ”how do I create my own avatar on Facebook?” This content focuses on enlightening you on how you can go about this.

Facebook Avatar Availability

Facebook avatar is a very exceptional and unique feature as it is even of greater importance and value. Avatars created on Facebook promotes and facilitates communication. This means that with avatars on Facebook, communication is even made easier on the platform. Creating avatars which have your perfect lookalike on Facebook is so great and with these avatars, you can make your Facebook stories, make comments on Facebook. With it, you can send messages across to your friend on messenger too. As a Facebook user, you can use your created avatar to make your profile picture on Facebook.

Facebook avatar like I said earlier is a new feature of the Facebook platform. This feature though isn’t available for all Facebook users in all countries though. In late 2019, this feature was launched in New Zealand, Australia, and Europe. Facebook users in the mentioned countries have been enjoying this feature all the while. This feature was later on launched in USA lately and after its launch recently it became so popular and trending now.

Facebook Avatar Maker

It is with the Facebook avatar maker that you can successfully create your own avatars on Facebook. You become able to use this Facebook feature though if only you are making use of the latest version of Facebook app. This means that you have to visit your App store to update to the latest version of Facebook for both your Android and iOS devices depending on which one you make use of. Creating avatars for yourself on Facebook, while using this very Facebook service, you come across a whole lot of sections which helps you give the most preferred look to your own avatar. You get to make choice of skin tone, facial hair, outfits, eye color, hairstyle, and many others. Read further to see how you can access the Facebook avatar maker and create your own avatar then.

How To Access Facebook Avatar Maker | Create Facebook Avatar

  • Launch your Facebook App
  • Find the Hamburger icon having three horizontal stacked lines
  • Scroll down to ”See More” and click on it thereafter
  • Click ‘’Avatars’’. More also tap ”Next” and then tap ”Get Started” Once you are through with that, you can now proceed with the other necessary steps to create your own avatar on Facebook.   

After creating your own avatar, you can now start using your avatars on Facebook like other Facebook users are already doing in making comments on Facebook, sending messages across to others, and lots more.

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