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Do you wish to learn how you can cancel friend request sent on Facebook? This article gets you covered as it will be enlightening you on how you can perform this function as a Facebook user. Facebook as a social networking media is mainly a platform for connectivity and easy communication between people. It is a very wonderful social networking platform with lots of users all around the world.

In the course of connectivity and communication, Facebook users get send and receive friend requests on the Facebook platform. When you find a profile of another user on Facebook platform and you feel very comfortable with the user, to become friends with the user, you simply have to send the user a friend request and await the user to accept the request which you sent. Now in the course of sending the request, you may also decide to withdraw your steps if you don’t want to become friends with the person. Now at this point when you have sent the request already, Facebook also makes available the option which enables you to cancel the friend request sent already. With this and coupled with all other features which Facebook makes available for its users, one can therefore say that with no doubt, Facebook is a very wonderful platform.

Teaching you the steps to canceling a friend request sent on Facebook though is what we are concerned about here but it is also important you understand the fact that on Facebook, users are made available with a whole lot of features aside connecting with friends and well-wishers. On Facebook platform, you can advertise products, use Facebook marketplace, create Facebook groups, and lots more.

How To Cancel Sent Friend Request On Facebook

This part of this article happens to be a very important one since the steps on how you can cancel a sent friend request on Facebook will be related to you here. One thing you should understand is that canceling a friend request which you have sent on Facebook is quite easy if you understand how to go about it. Kindly see the steps on how you can do this simply below:

  • Log in or sign in to your Facebook account
  • At the top of your Facebook page, you will find friend request icon, click on it
  • Furthermore, you will also see view sent request, click on it also
  • After doing that, a page will display showing the list of friend request which you have sent already
  • Now carefully locate the person which you wish to cancel the request sent and click on ”Cancel Request’’
  • After doing that, the action will then immediately cancel the friend request which you have sent to the person.

It may interest you to know also that you can search for the name of the user which you want to cancel the request sent already with the Facebook search box on your homepage. Once you search for the person username on Facebook and find the profile, click on ‘’Cancel Request ‘’ which is below the profile picture of the person and that will immediately cancel the friend request which you have sent to the person. As related to you here is a very simple guide which you can follow in canceling friend request which you sent to people on Facebook.

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