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Zoom Online – Every activity is online these days from education to meetings; to be honest we all saw this coming. The pandemic just facilitated it and made the whole process faster given it became the only available option to continue all sorts of meetings.

Zoom Online

Short Zoom Review

Zoom is a superior service when it comes to online calls whether audio or visual. There are the likes of WhatsApp, Telegram, Skype, and so on but Zoom was specially developed for meetings.

The cloud-based video conferencing service allows users to meet through video or audio calls while also giving them a live chat option and a record option which is quite essential for classes.

How to Sign Up For Zoom

  • Visit Zoom’s sign-up page at www.zoom.com/signup via a web browser.
  • Begin to input the necessary details Zoom requires to create an account.
  • You will have to confirm your date of birth, verify your identity and input the email you wish to use for Zoom’s services. School email address for educational purposes or an email address registered with your workplace, this way you’d be able to join your specified institution’s meetings.
  • Add all other necessary details i.e names and password thus successfully creating a Zoom account.

Now you’ve created a Zoom account, you can now sign in and start enjoying Zoom’s conferencing services.

How to Login to Your Zoom Account

While you can also sign in to your Zoom account via web browsers, it is preferable to use the app. Download the Zoom app for android, ios or pc and use the guide below to sign in to your account.

After creating a Zoom account (signing up), you will be prompted to start a meeting. If you agree to that, Zoom will further prompt you to download the app.

After downloading the app;

  • Tap on the “Sign In” button by the top right corner.
  • Next, input your login details; email address, and password used to create that Zoom account. Hit on the “Sign In” button.

Once in your account, you can start a meeting, schedule one, and invite people to it.

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