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Using Google Drive is just like carefully controlling and separating yourself from something that ordinarily will be a lifetime burden. Do you know that it’s so difficult to keep files very safely for a long period of time? saving your files and documents in a removable disk( SD Card), or saving them right there on your internal storage device may seem good too. But come to think of it, what if the removable disk gets corrupt tomorrow, what if your device crashes tomorrow, what will then be of you? Using google drive saves you this whole mess. With google drive, your files and documents are saved and backed up.

On the other side, google drive being an online cloud storage service which helps you in hosting your files can also be used as a very close substitute, that’s if you just get to run out of space on either your internal or external storage device. You can always go over and keep your documents safe too online.

Google Drive as a service for all individuals is made available and owned by Google. To that effect to sign in at the first instance, you really need a google account to get started. Using Google drive, at the very instance of wanting to store a file or document. You do need your device to get connected to an internet enabling source. In essence, there is a need of internet charges or access to store files but you later get free access then to your files offline. With this drive, you can store a variety of things which include:

  • Video clips
  • Pictures
  • Audio clips
  • Documents which include: ( CV, Application letters, Company files, Product Receipt and even personal pieces of information ).

Drive App Sign In

Google Drive has an app with which this service is run comfortably. Android devices, Windows and iOs devices, as mentioned Google drive is available for them all. Android users who get new devices seem very lucky as they don’t have to go through the very process of downloading the app to their phone. This is because android phones now readily come with this very app. This will now show you to what extent this app is very important.

Are you hearing about this google service for the very first time and you want to get started? For a starter, using the android device like a case study here, the first thing you have to do is to download the app from play store to your Android device. That’s if it’s not installed yet. After which you can now go ahead and utilize this google service with your Google account already in place as your first requirement.

More also, Android devices were used as case studies here though. That doesn’t mean the Google drive app doesn’t work perfectly on other devices. It does work well. All you only have to do is to get the app from your device suitable play store. You have to note clearly that google drive does not in any way tamper with your normal and original device storage system.

To Download Google Drive App

  • Go to your device appropriate App store
  • Make a search for Google Drive using the search box therein
  • Now finally Click download and also go-ahead to install the app to your device.

Once you install this very app, you can now sign in with your Google account. That’s the starting point of keeping your documents safe for as long as you wish to. As a beginner, you have a fine free space of over 15GB on your drive. You can also go ahead to pay for more spaces when you have very large documents that exceed the free space. Using Google drive is very enjoyable, its a tested and trusted service. Hurry now and give it a try.

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