How To Change Facebook Pay Currency To Any Currency

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So many Facebook users doing business using Facebook Ad service may be finding it difficult to change their billing currency on the Facebook account.

How To Change Facebook Pay Currency To Any Currency

Changing Facebook billing currency to any currency on Facebook account requires few steps and its straight forward. By default, all Facebook account are set to USD (dollar), but you can change to any currency any time.

Change Facebook Pay Currency To Any Currency

  • Login to Your Facebook Account.
  • open a new tab on your browser and type in (This is the Facebook Business Suite area where you manage your Facebook Ad, pages, pixel, etc. You won’t be asked to log in to business you have already logged in to your Facebook account.)
  • Click on “Billing
  • Then Click on “Payment Settings” at the top of the the page
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page, on the “Business Info” section, click on the “PEN icon”
  • You should get a pop-up (like the image below) to fill in your business address and below it is where you “change Facebook billing currency to any currency
  • click the down-arrow, then select the Facebook billing currency to the preferred currency you want then click on the “Save“.

Note that the FB billing currency you select has to match with the currency of the credit card you want to use.

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