Google Wallet – Beginners Guide For Set Up

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Google wallet – This refers to a very fast and simple system for mobile payments. It readily acts as a virtual wallet. This payment system allows individuals to carry out payments and even gives enablement for transferring money. This Google wallet being a very fast checkout can take place even with mobile phones. Functions actively in mobile sites that are readily participating and also in apps too. The access to google wallet is absolutely free and information in gift cards, debit cards, and even credit cards can be stored by users therein.

See, are you making use of an Android phone or an apple phone currently. Then you can really use the google wallet and enjoy this wonderful and super effective way of making cash payments. This online platform for payments was developed by Google and was released on May 26th, 2011. Don’t get overwhelmed with fear of your cash being lost. Google wallet is very perfect and maintains a very outstanding standard for every user’s safety. Your card details( credit card and debit card) and other card details are highly secured on google wallet and they are very safe.

More On This Google Service

In-person payments too can be made very freely with this platform and you’re very sure of benefiting very high and outstanding safety. There is an app for this goggle service as said earlier in this content. This app developed for the service is absolutely user-friendly when you want to make payments in places like a store. The only requirement here is just the entering of your pin so that your informations can be accessed because they are already saved on the platform. Let it be that your mobile phone with which you use the google wallet app gets missing, you can always disable your google wallet using a desktop device so as to avoid intruders from making use of your details.

Currently, Google Wallet is now known as Google pay Send and more also there is a new version of an app released for it for iOS phone lately on the 26th of Feb 2018. This service is generally available for all in 6 distinct languages.

Google Wallet Feature Few Features:

  • VIEW TRANSACTION HISTORY FEATURE: With Google wallet, your transaction history can always be viewed whether you’re using the service on a desktop or on a mobile app.
  • TRACK ORDERS: You have an enabling feature here on this platform to track things you bought online.
  • ADDRESS BOOK: this platform using the desktop app gives you the chance to put in information of your address for good delivery every time you make a transaction.
  • SUBSCRIPTIONS: Online subscriptions can be made as well with the service offered in this wallet.
  • AUTHORIZATION: with this google platform, all your purchases made on sites can be done here. This happens once you give sites the consent to do so.

For A Beginner, See What You Have To Do To Start Using This Service:

  • First of all, you have to sign up with this Google platform
  • Look into your settings both personal and privacy to know if they are very free from error.
  • This is followed by verification of your (ID)
  • Now go ahead and create your desired Pin for your Wallet
  • More also Get the mobile application installed to your phone already
  • Then on Google wallet, Add some cash(money)
  • The next process that follows is your wallet card activation
  • After everything said is understood and followed carefully as a beginner, you can now make a purchase online or even in-store
  • Finally, you can now start sending money.

The most amazing beneficial part of google wallet or Google Pay send is that it gives every user the best possible experience when they choose to always purchase with it. In essence, there is always a friendly and speedily purchase process each time users buy in store.

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