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Google Translate App is made available to change language forms easily. The change in form or translation of foreign languages isn’t a big deal now since google translate app was formed. Google translation app simply means an app that translates texts from different languages to another. This service is available for translating multilingual languages.

This app as an Android app was developed on the 28th of April 2006 and the service is made available for over 100 languages and over 300 million individuals use this particular app presently in the world. Using the app, there is no charge for all the tasks you perform because it’s totally free. Google translation app has numerous functions. See functions below:

  • Translation of words written
  • The Translation of speech
  • Translation of image
  • Documents Translation
  • Translation of mobile app

How To Download Google Translate App On Your Android Device

As listed below are the simple steps you can follow to download the translator app:

  • Get your phone on to a good internet source
  • Open Play store
  • Search for Google Translate app
  • Click on the app once it appears
  • Click download and finally install to phone.

How To Use Google Translate App

The steps to use the Google Translate app are here below for your consumption. Read through and make sure you get an overview of how it works:

  • FIRST STEP: the first step to take is to check out for the blue and white icon which is folded with a form of paper and having letter G engraved on it. Click on that particular icon then.
  • SECOND STEP: Looking at the left top corner of your screen, tap on language and choose a specified language from the list of languages listed. This becomes your base language.
  • THIRD STEP: Finally you have to choose a language which you are translating to. You execute this action by clicking on the language option at the top right corner of your screen also. Once the list of languages appears, choose your desired language option which you want to translate texts to. This process automatically translates your text immediately.

Google Translate App has some distinct features which include wording pronunciation, listening to texts already translated and dictionary also. In 2010 and 2011 respective, the app was available for Android devices and IOS phones respectively for your use. This app has a very broad input method for texts and this even includes translation of in-camera texts in over 38 languages.

Developing the Google Translate app by Franz Josef Och wasn’t a bad option at all, rather it is just like a good helping hand with which everyone can communicate in different languages. You’ve seen all that you can achieve with the very approach and once you start using the app, there is much more to discover ahead and get on the app. Once you have the app on your device, open and write your text on the box provided for it and translate it to any language of your choice.

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