Google My Business Account – How To Sign Up And Verify Google My Business Account

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Google My Business Account- Hello everyone, are you interested in making greater waves in your business within a very short period of time? If a yes is your answer you really need Google my business account. Sincerely the best platform now for business and first-class advertising is online and google goes ahead then to even take the first lead in online business and marketing enabling platform.

Google My Business

Google My Business was developed and it became a greater catalyst google put up to aid you to bring your business to everyone using the internet and google precisely in our everyday activities. Personally, I started a very small scale business at a very local level or setting but in few months, with the Help of Google My business which I had a little understanding about and created an account with. My business now comes up as a search result when it is been searched. Google granted me the best marketing platform any platform would never have granted to me. My story isn’t to persuade you to go ahead and take this very approach but it should be seen as that which will motivate you to take this great business path.

Create Account With Google My Business

In case all that was explained wasn’t clear enough, google my business gave me as a person a great opportunity to host my personal business online like very many others out there and they even went ahead to make it very available for consumers to start making orders and patronizing me outrightly within a small time frame. My business profile went live on Google that is what started the whole process and everybody now sees my business when it is always searched on Google. You now know what extent this online platform can be very beneficial to you. The same service is granted to anyone with a valid google account that signs up an account with Google my business. You really have to take your business to another level and don’t get stuck in one place, therefore, embrace Google My Business.

Having an account with Google My Business, responding to peoples reviews on the platform, you can get to understand and determine how buyers feel about your product and services and this alone will make you weigh yourself and check out if you’re making good impression in the mind of your buyers and also let you know places you have to make amendments  to meet all your customers demands. Do you know what this does in turn? It makes your customers very loyal and always makes them check back to buy your products.

How To Create Account

The step to creating a google my business account is a very simple one but there is a very important requirement which you have to meet up before you can be able to create an account here. This requirement is simply having a goggle account.

Now going to the steps proper:

STEP1: You start up the whole process by visiting the Google My Business known home page.

STEP 2: Follow the first step by Clicking Start Now. You only find that instruction at the very top right corner of the home page you opened.

STEP 3: Then you have to sign in with your functional Google account now. Do well to type in your business name and click “Next” to go to the next step at this very point.

STEP4: Find a category of business, select and fix into your category from the search field.

STEP4: Add your business here at this stage and verify if it is not initially on the search field.

STEP5: Type in the name of the business you are running and also the URL of your website. Then click “Next”

STEP6: Now to verify you as the business owner you are setting up an account for, click on “continue”

Your sign up becomes finalized if and only if you verify your account. So at this point, you have an option for verification, therefore go ahead and verify.

Verify Google My Business On PC; Steps For Account Verification

  • The first thing to do here is Google My Business sign in
  • Making the choice of the business you want to verify follows next. More also tap on Verify.
  • To receive the code for your verification, you have to be sure of yourself that you can easily and straightly answer your business call(phone )number
  • To get the verification code now sent to you as a text, go on and click on verify with Phone
  • Finally, input the code for verification sent to you from the text.

With Google my business account, the tendency to make your business open to all internet and google users is guaranteed. This platform also gives you the very right opportunity you need for your business to be searched even on Google Map also. Google My business finally lifts off the load of managing your business alone and undergoing stress as it even helps you host and manage your business online.

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