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How do I download Google Duo App? This is a question a whole lot of people ask. In this content, I will be sharing with you very important piece of information about Google Duo, and also going further, I will teach you the steps you can follow to download the app with ease.

Let’s start with what Google Duo is all about before we proceed to all other things. It is a very popular video calling app which Google developed. It is quite a reliable app which allows all of its users to make video calls and thereby facilitating face to face communication between its users. Google Duo enhances smooth communication and when you are in search of a communication platform to reach out to your friends and well wishers, you can make use of Google Duo.

Very many persons though are familiar with Google Duo but the challenge which they face is how to download the app. This Google Duo app also is available for Android and iOS operating systems. I will show you the steps you can follow to download the app as you read further.

Know More About Google Duo

Do you know that on Google Duo, you can make group video call with other users? Definitely, you can and this is one good thing about this communication platform. Making a group video call on Google Duo gives you the chance of connecting to more than one person with just a single call. In making group video call with people on Google Duo, you have to understand the fact that it also has group video call limit. Its limit for group video call is 32 and this means that you have the chance to get on a group video call with 32 persons and communicate with them. You can always get to make group video calls on this communication platform provided you have signed up on the platform.

How To Download Google Duo App On Android

Downloading Google Duo app on Android devices is quite easy. All you need is just to know the procedure which you can follow to download the app. See below for the steps to follow:

  • Firstly, go to Google Play Store
  • Search for ‘’Google Duo app’’ using the search box at the top of the page
  • When the app displays, go ahead and click on the app
  • Click ”Install” then and immediately the app will then commence download.

When the download of the app finishes, the app will furthermore get installed on your Android device. This is a very simple procedure that you can follow to download the Google Duo app on your Android device and following the procedure appropriately will aid you in downloading the app.

How To Download Google Duo App On iOS Devices

Downloading this app on iOS devices is also very simple just like it is in the case of downloading the app on Android devices. Kindly see the steps below on how to download the app on iOS devices:

  • Firstly, open your Apple App store
  • Next, click the search tab which is at the bottom part of the screen, and search for Duo app
  • At this point, when the app displays and you see it, click on ”Get’’ next to the Duo app
  • To start installing the app, click Install then.

That is a very simple guide that you can follow to download Google Duo app on your iOS device and following it correctly will aid you towards downloading the app.

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