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Google Drive Sign In – Google drive is not something new any longer. This Google service is known by very many persons in the world. This Google service is very efficient and effective in storing files and other documents for its users. The app made available for this Google service for all its users even comes pre-installed already in mobile devices of individuals when they get their mobile phones. This now will explain how vital this Google storage platform is for all.

Before one can access Google drive and use the app, like any other Google services, one necessarily needs a Google account to access Google Drive. You shouldn’t get scared about how you would create a Google account. This article also gets you covered as you will also learn how to create a Google account here. To create a Google account, it is absolutely stress free. The account registration only requires some informations from you and these informations comprises of your Name, birth date, and location too. Now see the steps you can follow to get yourself a Google account:

  • Launch a web browser and make sure you get a good internet connection.
  • Go to
  • At this point, click on create account. Once you click on it, what displays is the registration form to get the account.
  • Then enter your phone number. It is with your phone number that you will receive a verification code for your account
  • Enter or input the verification code received
  • The next step is to click on verify. This prompts the personal information page to display
  • Finally, review the terms of Policy of Google and its Privacy policy too. Following that, click on I agree on a final note.

Haven read how to create a Google account which is the first requirement to sign in for Google drive and not just Google drive, but all other Google services, see how to Sign in Google drive then as you keep reading through.

Steps To Sign In To Google Drive

  • With a web browser, visit Google drive official website with
  • Tap the ”Go to Google Drive ”.
  • What follows is to Sign in your Google account.
  • Finally, click ”sign in”.

If you find yourself following these steps and executing the steps as listed successfully, then you will find yourself being able to use Google drive of which can be very effective in storing files and documents.


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