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There is actually no one who is above mistakes as regards the loss of files. Now Google Drive as an online enabling platform for saving and maintaining files is here for you. This online platform for housing files made available by Google helps you as an individual to organize your files. If truth be told, it is very saddening for one to lose a file or files although its a natural daily occurrence or happening. Google decided to develop Google Drive where your files and documents can be kept safe.

Named Uses Of Google Drive

The usefulness are here below :

  • Google drive enables you to back up your files
  • Google drives gives you leverage to share files
  • With Google Drive, you can store or save files for future use
  • It helps in the creation of files.

As an individual whose work is always concerned with files and documentation, all you do is to save files to your device whenever you’re done working. Remember you store this files and you don’t back them up automatically. Now there are situations when your device becomes faulty and you probably lose those files when the device crashes. This isn’t good enough for a very serious minded individual who has all daily transactions documented as files.

Now to stop this very displeasing happening as mentioned in the above paragraph, this drive helps you with a very nice feature which helps you to back up files even when they’re already saved to your phone. Doing that, you can always have access to your files even when your device gets bad.

Feature Of Google Drive

  • This online drive is supported by any smart device, be it a mobile phone, tablets or Desktop devices
  • Drive sign up is absolutely free
  • People get full leverage to download your files if and only if you send them to access links to the files
  • Readily gives free 15GB online space to its users.
  • You can also pay to get more space for your file storage once you run out of space.
  • You also have easy access to google online stores.

Steps To Sign In Google Drive

On account of signing in with this, you necessarily need a Google account to start up the action. So get your self a Gmail account today so as to access this package: See link on how to create Gmail account here:

  • Steps 1: using your web browser, visit
  • Step 2: Click go to Google Drive icon on the home page that displays
  • Step 3: Using the correct username and password of your google account for easy access, sign in your google account then
  • Step 4: Finally click on sign in.

Download Google Drive App For Android Phones: steps

  • Go to play store
  • Use the search box when you open the app and search for Google drive
  • Click on it when it comes up
  • Click download and install thereafter

This drive is an online housing platform for your files to be very safe depending on when you need them for proper use. Following this step above therefore gives you the leverage to use the cloud storage of Google. Don’t hesitate, just go ahead and sign up an account for yourself and be sure to enjoy the full benefits.

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