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Google chrome is a web browser that Google developed and has full ownership of it. Google chrome was released in 2008 and it was formally meant for Microsoft Windows devices. Presently now this google platform is now available for even iOS devices and lots more out there.

Google chrome grants you the best browsing experience and also is considered very fast and fantastic regarding using the internet. Google chrome for effective use has a suitable app that can be installed on your mobile devices and even your desktop devices. Definitely, you can make use of it in any case.

Considering how important and most valuable this very chrome app is. Mobile phones now even come with the app as a system app. Now you see it is a must application for all phone users. Probably you don’t have this app already on your device you can very easily get it working and running effectively on your phone. We are not trying to persuade you here and make you go ahead and really try getting this app. But the truth is just that it’s an app you will find very interesting and may even go ahead to encourage all others out there to make it their regular browser.

Here in this context, we are aimed at also educating you on how you can download chrome as an app on your phone using an Android device like a case study and further what to do to install the app then. Now to download and install app, see steps below:


  • Make sure you have a Play Store on your Android device and then open
  • Using the Search option that is made available for all users, search for Google chrome
  • Click on the chrome app then once it shows up and also click the download icon.

These very simple steps are actually what a whole lot of people have always found very stressful. But here we have simplified it for you for your personal consumption. Now haven downloaded the app, you now go ahead to click on install and this finally get the app ready for use on your Android device. Get on it now and start using this wonderful web browser.

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