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Hello everyone! Have you heard of Google Assistant before now? Do you know what it means and what it is meant for? Okay, it’s fine you’re on this platform then because I will get to teach you what it implies. Before we continue though you have to understand that this is an amazing Google package for all.

A powered artificial intelligence virtual assistant that is developed by Google. That is what Google assistant is. Google assistance, on May 18, 2016, it was released. The keyword under review here is available primarily in the following below:

  • Mobile devices like tablets, smartphones, laptops too.
  • Smart home devices.

Google Assistant

Now for clarity, Google assistant is what is referred to as Google’s voice assistant. It is structured to give you good conversational interactions. This offers voice searching, voice command and voice-activated control for device and letting you complete a number of functions after you have said ‘’OK Google’’ wake word. It could be ”Hey Google” too. They are both wake words.

See what Google Assistant Does For You

  • It helps you to access informations from your calendar. More also other personal Infos.
  • This controls your device and your smart home.
  • It controls your music.
  • Helps you find your informations online.
  • It runs timers and reminders.
  • This makes appointments and sends messages.
  • Opens apps on your phones.
  • It also reads your notifications to you.

How To Use Google Assistant

To activate Google Assistant, long-press the home button or your phones home icon. Keep hold of the button and allow Google assistant to ask you to speak what you want. This then begins the search process. On the other and, you should be able also to trigger Google assistant to launch. This is done by saying OK Google. Then what follows is your query but if your phone isn’t on, this action might not work at all.

How To Download The App For Android Devices

  • Go over to play store
  • Search for Google assistant
  • Click on the app and then tap install.

I got to know about this very topic lately and I felt it was needful to relate it with all my visitors. This is a very smart digital assistant that understands your voice and in turn, responds to your commands or questions.

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