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This may be the first time some of my visitors here are actually getting to hear about Facebook Zero. Don’t be confused though because it is something you already do know, I only want to give you a better insight into it. Facebook zero is what is referred to as Facebook free mode or free Facebook mode, in any way you want to put it.

What Is Free Facebook Mode?

Facebook free mode is a mode on Facebook which gives all Facebook users the opportunity to browse Facebook platform without being charged. It means that you no longer have to complain of data charges been cut from you while using the Facebook platform, you can use the free settings and conserve your data for all other internet works. This is very amazing and it has placed Facebook very outstanding amidst other social media in the world presently. Facebook also over the years aside the free Facebook availability to provide special and very useful platforms and features.

Go To Free Facebook Mode Settings

Very many Facebook users who actually do have knowledge about the free mode even find it very difficult to launch the mode. They’ve always asked the HOW question on how to go about it. To get this done is actually very simple trust me on that, just keep reading as I will get to expose how you will be able to do that in this context. The Facebook zero or free mode settings is what is call a text-only mode. This means that its setting is suitable and very reliable for text chatting between friends on FB.

More also you can receive notifications, upload status and photos on the free mode and access some other Facebook features. On the other hand, limitations are placed too while using this mode as you may not really be granted the opportunity to use fully all FB features. See some things you won’t be able to access: See pictures, watch video clips, view stories, etc. Regardless of this, Facebook Zero or free mode still remains one of the best modes.

Should in case you are wondering what the kind of modes we have on Facebook are since I have specified the free mode as one of the best modes earlier in this content. Yeah, there are two different modes on the FB platform and these modes are very reliable and effective in their own way. See modes:

  • Data mode
  • Free mode

As the name implies, using the data mode, you get charged for any activity you run on FB and also you are exposed to all Facebook features. The free mode s the reverse of the data mode from my explanations ealier.

How To Switch From Data Mode To Facebook Free Mode

The idea of this mode is to enable you to remain on the FB platform and enjoy yourself even when you run out of data. See how to launch the free mode using Facebook mobile app.

  • On the Facebook page, already logged in
  • Check out Go to Free icon at the top right part of the Facebook page
  • Click on Go to Free.

This step takes you very little time to execute. Just go ahead and try it after now and confirm how effective this easy made step appears to be.

How To Access Facebook Free Mode Using Desktop Devices

  • Turn on your desktop device
  • Get connected to a good internet provider
  • Using a web browser on your desktop, go to www.free.facebook.com
  • Enter your account informations
  • Login.

You can always switch from the free mode on FB to the data mode again o your FB mobile app. It is very easy to do that, just check out the same spot you found the go to free icon. You will find See Photos there. Click on the icon and confirm you really do wish to launch the data mode by clicking USE DATA on the next page that displays. This automatically brings you to a page that displays pictures which is the data mode.
There isn’t a mode on FB that is less functional. All the modes are very effective as said earlier, just enjoy anyone you really wish to make use of.

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