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Facebook Jail Rules – On occasions where you are placed on limitations and strong restrictions (blocked) on Facebook, it means your account is actually under Facebook jail. How come about this then? A Facebook account gets jailed when you violate the terms and conditions of Facebook platform. I mean Facebook community standards. In either way going against this gets your FB account on Facebook jail.

Facebook jail doesn’t mean Facebook will have to come over to you physically to arrest you, it means you will be blocked from doing major things on FB which ordinarily you do on Facebook. These things may include:

  • Posting contents on FB platform
  • Sharing contents on FB pages and groups
  • Getting to view profiles of other FB users on Facebook etc.

More Facts

There are some set of rules that one should strictly adhere to in order to avoid Facebook jail. These rules, very many persons violate facebook terms and policies and get jailed because they are ignorant of the fact that there are rules that must be followed. Reading this content at this moment then will do you a great good as I will take time to point out some of the rules you have to keep to avoid your account being jailed.

How Long Does Facebook Jail Last?

Facebook jail on any account ordinarily stays a minimum of 3 to 7 days. At some points, it takes a whole lot of time of about 21 days. If after this period of time, your account hasn’t been released, then you really do need to start contacting the Facebook help center and appeal for your account to be considered. Categorically, facebook jail is of two types, see below.

  • Permanent jail
  • Temporal jail

Some Jailing is permanent while some are temporal. As such, you may probably still have access to the normal settings of your FB account.

Facebook Jail Rules

The Facebook jail term is most common with digital marketers who use their Facebook account as a platform to get a good audience and get a sound promotion. Now not knowing the rules, they fall victim of this facebook jail term. This doesn’t still mean that as a normal FB user, you can’t fall victim of facebook jail term. This content is made for all provided you use the Facebook platform so read critically and put what’s here under consideration to avoid this jail term. See rules:

  • You must make sure to give very good intervals on when you upload and share similar contents on Facebook using your account so the contents don’t become an abuse.
  • There should never be a time you try to post things that are against Facebook community standards.
  • Do Well to avoid things relating to scam on Facebook and also do not post spam contents
  • Lastly, it is of great importance you provide very correct details on your Facebook account so you wouldn’t be considered a scammer and get jailed.

What Do I do When I Fall Victim Of Facebook Jail?

Most times it seems understandable when you are ignorant of some of these rules and as such fall victim of facebook jail. Facebook jail resulting from indiscriminate posting takes just a few days and definitely you will be granted your access again. When the jail takes a longer time most times, at this point what seems to be the best action you have to take is to visit the Facebook help center of Facebook and send an appeal to Facebook on a daily basis till you become free.

Facebook jail can be very disheartening and frustrating most times though. This is especially when you are using your account to promote your business, this is why you should be very careful as not to violate Facebook rules because they really do frown over it as they always keep up standards to protect their interest and that of all their users.

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