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To change Facebook account password is not something difficult like a whole lot of people think. I will clearly relate with you the simple guide which you can follow to always get your Facebook account password changed. This is a very vital thing which every Facebook user should know how to do because it will be of great help.

In my own opinion, your Facebook password is a personal code which only you necessarily needs to know about. It is with your Facebook password that you will be able to access or log into your Facebook account. Keeping up with the habit of changing your Facebook password will always help you keep your account safe and secured. If you are always getting your account logged in in public devices, always remember to change you password.

How To Change Password On Facebook Account

Changing your Facebook password can be done very easily within a little time interval provided you get to understand the right steps to doing that. You can do that when you access Facebook on a desktop or even when you log in your Facebook account on Facebook app. Kindly see below for the steps to do that:

Changing your Facebook Password On A Desktop Using A web Browser

  • Using a preferred web browser, go to and log in to your account
  • On your Facebook homepage, simply navigate to the right and tap the arrow which is facing downward
  • Scroll down and select ‘’Settings’’
  • Furthermore, go over to your account settings and click on ‘’login’’
  • To change your password then, click on ”edit”
  • Input your old password and further enter your new password next

After going through all of that, to finalize the whole process, you simply click on ‘’Save Changes’’in order to confirm the whole action taken and your password in turn will become changed.

Changing Your Facebook Account Password Using Facebook App

  • Open the Facebook app and get your account logged in
  • Select the three horizontal lines which you will see at the top right corner of your screen
  • Select ‘’Settings and privacy’’ from the drop down menu
  • Then under Security, click on ‘’Security and login’’
  • From this point then, you will have to enter your old password and then enter your new password which you wish to use.

After going through the whole process, you can now click on ”Save Changes” and this will immediately get our password changed.

Understanding and following the procedures above will aid you in changing your Facebook password. You also have to understand the fact that once you change your Facebook password, you can be able to access or log in to your account thereafter with your new password.

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