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Abeg App is a necessary payment medium in Nigeria, as only a handful of mobile financiers can shoulder loan acquisition on the grassroots level. Since the country’s SME niche is a booming venture, Abeg App is currently seeing a corresponding spike in customers.

 with the Abeg App Login steps, people can source loans from relatives and friends. Also, there is no restriction to peer lending circles on the product.

Abeg App Login

You only register with your BVN-linked phone number instead of vouchers or collateral. This strips fund transfers of the sometimes stressful bank procedures. In this regard, Abeg App Login might well be a path-finder for Nigerian fintech.

Further, Abeg App is a sought-after payment media on Nig. Twitter. During its launch in September, the product was the first item in Nig. Twitter’s trending table. Many journals and social media blogs would keep pace by trending Abeg App. One prominent header, mentioning Abeg App Founders, features in articles about Nigeria’s under 30s CEOs. 

Although the Abeg App Login steps is a popular news bit around West Africa, its motivation comes from Jack Dorsey’s more famous Cash App.

Cash wires via the product occur in two avenues:

  1. Through cellphones for the most part, and
  2. Other supported cash plugs _ as long as there is enough balance in the digital wallet.

Abeg App Creation, P-2-P Framework

In an interview with Techpoint, Abeg App Founder, Dare Adekoya mentions that his product will sidestep burdensome bank payment protocols. Already a UI/UX expert, Dare equips Abeg App with intrinsic P-2-P lending structures. Of course, the app’s beautiful design proves its captivating UX part.

Also, the story of the software’s creators is equally interesting. The three founders of Abeg Technologies are noticeably millennials with careers in designing UI/UX experiences. 

Akinni Muheez is a co-founder of Abeg App. He had a previous stint with Prospa as a developer and currently works with Abeg Technologies in the same field. Dare Adekoya designed the Gomoney Logo for Sterling Bank.

P-2-P transfers were previously entirely run by Nigerian fintech via an international intermediary like PayPal. One recent example of this trend is Paystack’s acquisition by Stripe.

 Download Abeg App

The first step to using this transfers & payment service is to download it from Google Play Store. This is how you can do it.

  • Go to Google Play Store (or Apple Store if you are using an iOS).
  • Search Abeg _ Social Payments
  • Click on the result with Abeg Technologies affixed to it.
  • Then click on Install.

How to Login to Abeg App

After installing the product into your mobile phone or PC, you can sign in to it using the steps below:

  1. Create your One-time Authorization Code (OTAC)
  2. Enter your name (first name, middle name, and surname).
  3. Your valid cellphone number for the reception of the authorization code
  4. Also, provide your BVN or enter the phone number that links to it.
  5. Subsequently, you can set a transfer tag via your Abeg App digital wallet.

With more features underway, the Abeg App Login page is a qualifying factor for potential giveaways by Abeg Technologies on Twitter. If the company hits the promotions button, its customers can cash out big promos using just the Abeg App Login steps.

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